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Tour Edge EXS Driver Review

Tour Edge EXS Driver Review

By Stuart Goldstein

Long known for producing golf clubs with advanced technology and performance-and a price point to meet it- the Tour Edge Exotics line recently introduced the EXS Driver. It has all the bells and whistles of any driver on the market today, yet with a $299 price tag, the EXS driver is by far the best value on the market today.   The key innovations of the tech loaded stick are:
• Flight Tuning System (FTS): Includes 9 and 3 gram interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel to adjust loft up or down 2 degrees
• Dual Carbon Fiber: For ideal weight distribution and improved SlipStream Sole for faster club head speed.
• RollFace Technology: Incorporates modified bulge and roll on the toe to create straighter shots on toe hits. In conjunction with Variable Face Thickness technology, the RollFace makes “this the most forgiving driver ever produced by Tour Edge”
What does this all mean? The recently tested 10.5 degree model delivers all that is promised.  First off the looks and feel is top notch. While the head has more of a triangular look to it, its deep gloss black finish with a simple Exotics logo alignment aide provides for easy alignment and creates a beautiful looking club with no distractions.  All and all the looks are a real confidence builder in a tour players stick package.
One of the most important characteristics of any driver is the sound of the ball compressing against the club face. For the EXS, the sound is solid yet muted, again highlighting the understated qualities of this high performing club. This perfectly created sound easily translates into a very solid feel. If you hit any driver in the sweet spot the feel will be solid but the true litmus test comes in off center hits. With the EXS, and the new RollFace technology, off center hits still provide solid feedback and, more importantly, minimal loss in distance, ball flight and dispersion.
The EXS delivers consistent results particularly in windy conditions. Because the club offers so many customization options, fine tuning the loft and lie will produce a desired flight and curvature. It should also be noted that for $59.99 a full weight kit is available.
Props should be given for the EXS stock shaft- the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK. A mid-launch profile the Tensei shaft is the real deal according to Tour Edge, further emphasizing the value of the driver package.  
Driver technology is ever changing with escalating prices to boot. The Tour Edge EXS Driver is a vastly superior alternative for golfers of all abilities looking for a high performance game improvement driver-and doesn’t hurt the wallet.  Loaded with enhanced technologies in a simply designed package, the EXS will enable you to split the fairway as you pound it past your playing partner.  The EXS Driver comes with a 30-day playability guarantee making the entire package to good to refuse.

Tour Edge Signs Scott McCarron to Logo Staff D…

Tour Edge Signs Scott McCarron to Logo Staff Deal for 2019
Two-time winner in 2018 will expand club usage with Exotics

Tour Edge announced today that Scott McCarron has officially signed a deal to play and endorse Tour Edge Exotics and to play their metalwoods on the PGA Tour Champions in 2019. McCarron will feature a Tour Edge Exotics logo on his left sleeve.

McCarron served as an Exotics CBX hybrid staff player in 2018. He played Tour Edge Exotics CBX hybrids all year en route to two PGA Tour Champions victories and a 2nd place finish in the Charles Schwab Cup.

This year, McCarron will be wearing a Tour Edge Exotics logo for the first time and will also expand his club usage to other categories with Tour Edge Exotics clubs.

“I love the Exotics hybrid and what it has done for my game, it is a great fit and a low-spinning,  hot faced hybrid that has me hitting more hybrids off the tee and in general because I have complete faith in the club,” said McCarron. “I am also proud to add their logo to my gear as I love what Tour Edge is doing as a company.  They are a long-established U.S. owned and operated company that builds their premium clubs in the United States. I am looking forward to testing their Exotics drivers and fairway woods to find a home in my bag as well.”