Srixon Z785 Driver Review

Srixon Z785 Driver Review

By Stuart Goldstein

Srixon’s Z565 driver has been in my bag from day 1 because no matter how many drivers one try’s if you have one that works you stay with it. Srixon, however, has created a new line of drivers that delivers its most advanced innovation. My new driver is now the SrixonZ785. Some key new features are:

  • • Ti51AF Cup Face: stronger, lighter and faster the new cup face produces exceptional ball speed for greater distance 
  • Lightweight Carbon: A lightweight carbon crown moves mass to the perimeter for more forgiving, more accurate drives
  • Quick Tune System: Effortlessly adjust loft and swing weight with the Quick Tune Adjustment and Customization System. This enables one to add or subtract 1 degree of loft and modify lie angle by up or down to 2 degrees-a great feature for a driver

Simply put the Z785 is a 460cc beast with a tour preferred look and profile that promotes a low spin penetrating trajectory with adjustability that rivals its more hyped competitors.

The recently tested Z785 model delivers all that is promised.  First off the looks and feel is top notch in a throwback sort of way. A simple black gloss finish with a simple alignment aide creates a beautiful traditional looking club with no distractions.  The newly redesigned sole, without the Ripple look, still has plenty of contours enabling the club to flex for enhanced ball speeds. All and all the looks are a real confidence builder in a tour players looking package.

One of the most important characteristics of any driver is the sound of the ball compressing against the club face. For the Z 785, the sound is solid yet muted, again highlighting the understated qualities of this high performing club. This perfectly created sound easily translates into a very solid feel. If you hit any driver in the sweet spot the feel will be solid but the true litmus test comes in off center hits. With the Z 785 off center hits still provide solid feedback and, more importantly, minimal loss in distance, ball flight and dispersion. Adjustable weight cartridges on the sole can produce the desired flight and curvature profile.

Srixon has long been known for its advanced ball technology. But recent advancements to their club offerings now place them near the top of the list for a superior alternative for high quality high performance equipment. Loaded with enhanced technologies in a simply designed package, the Z785 will enable you to split the fairway as you pound it past your playing partner.  The stock shaft is the high-end Project X HZRDUS Black handcrafted shaft.  A fabulous premium shaft at no up-charge. The Z785 retails for $499 and comes with a stylish, soft to the feel, red leather head cover. Don’t believe me? Srixon is offering a 60-day money back guarantee.