Elon Musk’s Open AI Paves the Way for th…

Elon Musk’s Open AI Paves the Way for the New Artificial Intelligence Component of Harmonix PULSE

Inventor Dorn Beattie wastes no time in expressing his appreciation to Elon Musk and associates for their generous implementation of Open AI.

What was originally anticipated as part of the version 2.0 PULSE offering in 2020, Open AI has made it possible to jump start the AI component and incorporate it into version 1.0, due for official release at the Orlando PGA Merchandise Show in January.

“I always knew that Artificial Intelligence would form part of the PULSE analytical component. Having total access to Elon Musk’s Open AI has made it possible to accelerate our technology by a full version” Beattie stated.
The addition of Artificial Intelligence in PULSE creates the opportunity for faster access to a much larger database of recommendations by the worlds leading putting coaches. For example; lets say a golfer is confident that his/her aim is correct on a short putt, the backstroke is smooth, the down-stroke felt confident, the ball is struck and goes off-course to the left and misses the cup by three inches. WTF? What just happened? You have no explanation. It was just another unexplained missed putt……………. or was it?

PULSE would have analysed the data and discovered that you were subconsciously slowing the down-stroke prior to impacting the ball, a common issue with golfers that is imperceptible to the human eye. Further analysis reveals that the forward momentum of the putter head caused the heel to slow down faster than the toe causing the angle of the head at impact to be -2° causing the ball to go to the left of the actual target line. After the PULSE Analysis, PULSE AI presents suggestions on what to do. In this case, the obvious answer is not to slow your stroke prior to impact and make sure to follow through completely. This example presents a simple solution to a simple problem. The magic of PULSE is that it sees what the human eye cannot see. PULSE recognized the problem and through AI offered a simple solution to correct. Now all that is required is to practice the follow-through to eliminate that putting problem forever.

The suggested retail price for PULSE AI is $179.95

Readers have an opportunity to pre-order PULSE AI for delivery before Christmas through the new Harmonix INDIEGOGO Campaign. Readers will not only receive substantial discounts, they will also be eligible for several excellent prize draws including a pair of tickets to the Masters.

Learn more or order now:  http://www.BunkerShot.com/putt