“The Art of The Swing: Learn to Play Like a Pr…

“The Art of The Swing: Learn to Play Like a Pro”

Have a professional golf coach in your bag 24/7 and start swinging like a tour player.

Most top professional and amateur golfers have swing coaches to help them improve their mechanics and work to perfect their swing. Unfortunately, many golfers either don’t have the time or money for the consistent coaching needed to build a better swing.

Swing Coach helps you become a better coach of your own swing. It’s like having Dean Reinmuth in your bag. Swing Coach allows you to learn and self-correct every swing, which helps you correct and improve your swing much quicker. It is the only practice club that allows you to both see and feel the results of your practice swings.

Results have shown that Swing Coach is successful in improving swing consistency by over 20% based on testing performed by Dean Reinmuth. After using Swing Coach, 95% of golfers are able to quickly feel the proper swing and make release corrections needed to hit better shots.

Here are just a few of the key ways Dean Reinmuth helped build the Swing Coach to improve one’s game:

Immediate Feel and Visual Feedback: With Swing Coach, you see how the ball reacts to your swing just like using a mirror. You see and feel the difference between your good swings and bad swings with Swing Coach. It teaches you the proper swing path and release that all good shots require. You get immediate feedback for faster self-correction and improvement. Swing Coach is the only product of its kind!

Achieve Effortless Power: Learn the smooth, tension-free acceleration the best players possess. Swing Coach teaches you how to swing with proper and gradual acceleration. It helps remove forced acceleration, which occurs in all bad shots whether your speed is too early (casting) or too late (stuck behind) robbing you of distance and accuracy.

Self-correction: Using your Swing Coach regularly will help you quickly develop the proper muscle memory for what a correct swing feels like. You will learn to feel the correct swing arc, path, release, and effortless acceleration needed to replicate the perfect swing time and time again!

Consistency: After using Swing Coach, you will develop a more consistent swing, one with greater speed, distance, and accuracy. Swing Coach dramatically improves the consistency of your swing so you can finally make quality shots easier and more often.