Heritage Links Overseeing Renovation Work at I…

Heritage Links Overseeing Renovation Work at Idaho’s Valley Club

Heritage Links, one of the world’s foremost golf course construction companies, was engaged by The Valley Club in Hailey, Idaho, for a partial renovation project of both the South and North Courses.  Work includes new greens, bunkers, tees, cart paths, grassing and installation of a new irrigation system.  The Valley Club decided on a collaboration of architects for the project and hired Beau Welling Design and Davis Love III’s firm, DL3 Design.

Heritage Links currently is involved with the first phase of work on the nine hole South Course and expects completion by mid-September.  All green complexes have been grassed and seeded.  Work now will continue on tee and fairway bunker complexes.  The overall renovation project consists of two phases with the North Course work starting in 2019.  In addition to rebuilding all of the features, a major component of Heritage Links’s involvement is installing a new irrigation system. The onsite construction manager for Heritage is Mike Webb.

The Valley Club’s North and South Courses originally were designed by Hale Irwin and opened in 1996. 

About Heritage Links

Heritage Links is recognized as a “Certified Builder” by the Golf Course Builders Association of America.  Being a certified builder indicates that Heritage Links is one of the few companies at the pinnacle of the industry and has achieved the highest standards within the golf course construction industry over the past five years.

Heritage Links offers a diverse range of services that includes a detailed computer-aided site analysis, digital terrain modeling, comprehensive construction management, and golf course renovation projects.  As a general contractor, Heritage Links provides all the essential components from machinery, materials, labor and management.  Through the efficient utilization of these resources, Heritage Links insures the quality, playability and aesthetic component of the final product. Heritage Links’s ability to integrate an architect’s vision into the shaping process insures a true reflection of the design philosophy.  Heritage Links is based in Houston, Texas.  For information, call (281) 866-0909 or visit www.heritage-links.com.