How Do Golf Players Earn Their Ranking Points

How Do Golf Players Earn Their Ranking Points

Golf is one of the most popular sports, especially in the USA and North America. Although unpopular in the rest of the world, golf has millions of viewers in America, which can rarely wait until a new tournament begins. Just like in any sports, golf players earn their points based on performance and participation in major tournaments. However, the system is not so straightforward as in football and its complex structure makes it far different than the point ranking of other sports. Before you bet on live events as they happen, you need to learn more about the sport and how the ranking point system works.

The official World Golf Ranking uses a mathematical formula that rates the golfers on their performance and participation in major tournaments. The major organizer of professional golf tournaments in the USA and North America is the PGA Tour. Just like tennis, a high enough spot on the list ensures that these players have an automatic entry into the top tournaments, and the higher up they are on the list, the greater the chance of endorsement and big money.

Universal Acceptance
The Official Golf World Ranking is accepted by both major governing bodies for golf – The Professional Golfers’ Association and the United States Golf Association. Of course, the 4 major tournaments also accept the rankings. Players accumulate points by competing in various tournaments and they stay on their tally for up to 2 years and a maximum of 52 events player. However, the tally gradually reduces every 13 weeks, meaning that the golfer’s recent performances also play a part. There’s a minimum of 40 events necessary in order to enter the ranking and the player’s points are divided by the number of tournaments he has played. Just like in tennis, the rankings are published every Monday after an event.

In order to qualify for the most prestigious tournaments, golfers need to play well in tournaments which will get them higher up in the rankings. The top 50 players are accepted by the Masters, with another 50 eligible from the most recent rankings. The top 50 are also eligible to play in The Players Championship and the British Open, while the U.S. Open accepts the top 60.

Winning Major Points
As in any sport, winning a major tournament gives golfers the most points. The U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, The British Open and the Masters are worth 100 points each. Runners-up get 60 points while the third place gets 40, while every golfer entering the tournament gets at least 1.5 points. The other tournaments such as the BMW Open, The PGA Tour or a European Tour score far less (24).

The complex system of the World Golf Rankings allows different players to climb the list pretty well. Some are prevented to play due to injuries or personal matters and as soon as they reject a tournament, they are destined to win fewer points and go down the ladder.