In Search of the Holy Grail: The Repeatable Go…

In Search of the Holy Grail: The Repeatable Golf Swing with Cobra Single Length Irons

By Rob Walters

Before I go into detail about the process of getting fitted for Cobra single length irons let’s take a step back as to what led to this process.

One thing I noticed over the last 30 years of playing golf is that my game changed depending on the time of day, day of week and even from month to month.  For a long time I just blamed it on my practice, warm up or lack of both.  Over the last few years I engaged in lengthy body mechanics discussions with my sports chiropractor, Dr. William Brightman of Mahopac, NY.  

What I discovered during these discussions with Dr. Brightman is how much the body posture changes in the aforementioned time periods.  From morning to night your posture changes by up to a half an inch.  

Partner these body position changes with the already difficulty of a repeatable amateur golf swing and frustration ensues on a regular basis.  Last summer I was killing some time at a driving range in NJ and was feeling frustrated because my back was aching and I just could not hit repeatable 7 iron shots.  I started to think about how could I take out some variability and thought back to what I had learned from Moe Norman videos and the single plain swing.  

Even with the aching back I was able to set up in the same single plain swing setup and hit ball after ball well. The light bulb went off in my head and I spent the next two months really learning about the single plain swing and perfecting it’s process.

About the same time that this was happening I started to peek at the Cobra single length irons at the golf shops and even tried out a 7 iron a few times off the rack.  My mind began spinning as I thought about the possibilities of combining my new single plain swing with the single length irons.  Thus taking all variability out of my golf swing.

I then looked to work with Michael Manavian at The Golf Club inside CLAY Health Club + Spa in Portchester, NY/Greenwich, CT to be custom fit for a set of KING F8 Irons equipped with Cobra Connect, automatic shot tracking technology powered by Arccos.  

Using the Gears Sports System ( Michael Manavian was able to gain metrics showing where several different shafts had flexion points. This is data that no other fitting system can offer and was truly amazing to see.  Instead of hitting shots, looking at ball flight and then working backwards to determine the shaft fitting, Michael uses the Gears System to see exactly how each shaft reacted to my swing.
Now that the NY winter has finally broken I have been able to get out and play 5 rounds with the new irons and I love the fact that every time I set up to strike the ball I have the exact same setup.  While I recommend that every amateur goes full Bryson DeChambeau like myself with the single plain swing and the single length irons, starting with the single length irons is a move in the right direction towards the holy grail of golf.  Taking away as much variability as you can in your golf swing will make the game a much more enjoyable experience.

In the end I ended up adding the F8 Driver, woods and hybrid.   All the clubs including these are the most solid hitting ones I have experienced.  I feel that all my energy is being transferred to the ball on impact.  The woods all have a very solid boom sound as opposed to the ping sound of most others.

This article could not be complete without a discussion of the Cobra Connect, automatic shot tracking technology powered by Arccos.  In general I am a golfer who likes to carry my bag, walk the course and enjoy the surroundings. I like to put away my phone and leave most technology out.  When I play my home course I rarely, if ever take out a GPS device.  On the other hand I am a complete sports stats junkie.

What I absolutely love about Cobra Connect is how I can set it up on my phone in seconds and it passively collects data as I play. As you take out each club it knows you have switched clubs and then starts tracking the new one.  Then once I get home I can go through each hole and see how far I hit each shot and with which club I used. Cobra Connect even shows you on the course and each shot just like you are watching the PGA Tour shot stats.

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