Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Wood ReviewBy St…

Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Wood Review
By Stuart Goldstein

Every company comes up with a snappy slogan. For Tour Edge’s CBX Fairway wood it is Everything Else Falls Short. All it takes is a few swings and you will agree.
Tour Edge has always been on the cutting edge, willing to push the envelope, when it comes to materials and design processes. With the CBX, Tour Edge takes it to the next level to match unique materials and weighting with new face construction resulting in greater balls speeds, reduced spin and increased distance.  
How? To start, the CBX Fairways feature Carbon Sole Weighting. Tour Edge puts carbon fiber in the rear portion of the sole, shifting the weight and pushing CG forward and lower.  Additionally, the CBX woods were designed with multi-material construction including top of the line in Beta Titanium, Hyper Steel and carbon composite materials.  The CBX’s are currently the only titanium face fairway woods available in the U.S. market. The clubfaces also have variable face thickness, a design that offers multiple levels of thickness on different areas of the face that help keep launch speed high on off center hits, especially in the heel and toe areas.
Rounding out the new technology is the Speed Ramp Sole. Designed to minimize interaction for easier contact under all turf conditions, this sole design is a new generation of the Slip Stream soles, which were a big design feature of previous Exotic fairway woods.
In independent testing, Tour Edge claims the CBX moves it out there 286 yards or 15-20 yards past the best selling fairway woods on the market today, and hence the slogan Everything Else Falls Short. No while the average golfer does not hit his 3 wood 286 yards, this independent tester did indeed find increased distance.
Net results: increased ball speeds, reduced spin, penetrating ball flights and heck of a lot of fun.
The CBX’s sleek, black aerodynamic look is a confidence builder. No frills-just a less is more approach to aesthetics that is very pleasing to the eye.  The slightly smaller heads screams “players club,” and while designed for the better player in mind, the CBX is a value added stick for players of all abilities.  Also pleasing is the sound-not clanky, not tinny but a somewhat muted thwang. Just another confidence booster.  
The CBX comes with several premium shafts, including Project X HZRDS and Mitsubishis Kuro Kage, which complements the club’s advanced technologies beautifully. Add is a handsome Lamkin grip and beautifully crafted and color coordinated head cover and you have yourself a 3 wood that not only stands out in terms of looks but will blow you away in terms of performance.  
Tour Edge and Exotics has been a cult favorite for years, blending cutting edge technology with a no holds bar search for the best available materials.   With the CBX, Tour Edge has really differentiated itself and delivered a home run, and more, in the crowded fairway wood market.
The Exotics CBX fairway wood is available in 13.5, 15, 16.5 and 18 degree lofts and has a suggested retail price of $349.99